5th International Logopedic Conference entitled Logopedics in Theory and Practice 2017

On September 16 and 17, 2017, at the Silesian University Center for Education and Interdisciplinary Research in Chorzów, the Foundation Agere Aude organized a speech therapy conference focused on the future and development of speech therapy, particularly issues related to the scientific basis of diagnosis and therapy of speech disorders among children, adolescents and the elderly, as well as issues related to practical methods and diagnostic tools in speech therapy.

Participants of the conference had the opportunity to listen to speeches by many prominent specialists in the field of speech therapy theory and practice, including Prof. Stanislaw Grabias, Prof. Tomasz Wozniak, Prof. Henriette Langdon, Prof. Yulia O. Filatova, Prof. Kurt Eggers.

An interesting part of the conference was a panel discussion entitled "Where is speech therapy heading?", the main topic of which was the place of speech therapy in the world of science, the need for an academic directions, as well as a research methods. evidence based practice.

During the conference, the "Logopedia Silesiaca" award was granted, the idea of which is to thank individuals or institutions for their achievements for the benefit of Silesian speech therapy. The winner of the award was Marzena Lampart-Busse - leader of the Rybnik Logopedists' Training Team.

Video report from the conference


Source of funding: 

Funds from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education designated for science popularization activities. contract no: 897/P-DUN/2017

Project goal:

To learn and spread knowledge about modern trends in speech therapy and diagnosis.

Target audience:

Speech therapists, linguists, scientists, teachers, parents of people with speech disorders, doctors.

Implementation date: 

16-17 september 2017