Kolorowa grafika składająca się z dwóch elementów. Po lewej stronie znajduje się zdjęcie przedstawiające galerię z obrazami. W centralnej części widać dwie kobiety zapatrzone w obraz. Po prawej prostokąt niebieski z trzema ostrymi nawiasami otwierającymi.

More than a painting - feel the painting with all your senses (2016)

As part of the project, mobile polysensory exhibitions of Polish painting were organized, during which participants could learn interesting facts about the authors and/or paintings, painting techniques, trends in art, workshops for children, as well as multimedia lectures for adults. An online exhibition was also created, featuring multimedia descriptions of the paintings.

The exhibition included 5 categories: landscapes, portraits, still life, sacred and secular architecture and battle scenes. Within each category were works of art from different styles and made using various art techniques. The exhibition could be visited with the use of mobile devices - cell phones, tablets and smartphones. QR-codes were placed next to the paintings, referring to descriptions of the paintings - photos, texts and sound files.

During the opening of the exhibition - aimed at an adult audience - multimedia lectures were held, using not only images but also sound to familiarize the audience with the specifics of the artworks on display. The exhibition's opening and polysensory tour was followed by a painting workshop, during which young participants listened to musical pieces, felt the taste of food and the smell of perfume, and learned about textures and materials.

Detailed goals:

  •  Facilitating access to national cultural assets for residents of areas remote from cultural centers through the organization of a mobile exhibition of Polish painting; the exhibition was presented in 2 cultural centers.
  • Part of the task also included a website that featured artwork inspired by the exhibition and the multi-sensory experience of art. On project website you can also find reports on the vernissages and polysensory museum lessons.

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Implementation date; June - December 2016.

Source of funding:: Program Kultura Dostępna 2016 dofinansowany z Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.

Application number: 72407/15