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City game "150 mysteries of Nikiszowiec" 2015

"Fairytale Silesia," "Silesian Games," and "Historical Nikiszowiec" were the themes for the implemented events. Each city game was based on the same scheme, but with an individual scenario. Groups of 10 people and their supervisors were given a map of Nikiszowiec with the points they had to visit. At each point an interesting fact about the district and a mysterious envelope with riddles to solve awaited them.

The game featured local folk artists Ewelina Soska, Grzegorz Chudy and Marek Szołtysek, among others, who gave short talks promoting the exploration of the region's heritage and local cultural traditions. The last point of the game was always the Zimbardo Center or catechism room, where the children watched a segment of the program " Mówie i Godom", "Made in Silesia" and "Rączka cooks" with traditional Silesian food, which they could taste at the last point of the game - at the stand of the Rybka Social Cooperative, where refreshments were prepared for the children. 

A project implemented by the Foundation in 2015 in Nikiszowiec, which included an urban game in one of the most beautiful and surprising neighborhoods of Katowice. The main goal of the project was to promote the exploration of the region's heritage and local cultural traditions.The initiative was funded by a small grant from the Katowice City Hall.

Detailed goals:

  • Increase knowledge of Nikiszowiec history, cultural and social traditions, dialect and Silesian flavors through active participation in city games;
  • Increase spatial orientation skills by having participants work in the open terrain and navigate it with the use of a map.
  • Encouraging young people to spend their free time actively outside their homes by playing games in urban spaces;
  • Promoting the Nikiszowiec district by showcasing its topographical qualities and promoting the event on social media and partners channels - including traditional media.

Dates of particular field games

 The implemented field games were attended by 120 children aged 10-14 on dates:

24.05.2015; 21.06.2015; 09.08.2015.