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International Logopedic Conference entitled Speech Fluency Disorders - Theory and Practice. 2nd Edition 2016

On August 25 and 26, 2016, a speech therapy conference entitled Speech Fluency Disorders - Theory and Practice was held for people interested in stuttering, slurred speech. The aim was to exchange experiences of scientists, speech therapists, linguists, people who stutter, theoreticians and practitioners and jointly develop good speech therapy practices.

As part of conference , a number of events were organized on communication, diagnosis and therapy of speech disorders. Among them was the Palin PCI workshop -. Parent-child interaction therapy for stuttering children up to age 7. It was conducted by Dr. Katarzyna Węsierska in consultation with Jane Harley. The meeting was designed to introduce the fundamentals of therapy for school-aged children, including the ability to cooperate with the family.

During the conference, Prof. Martine Vanryckeghem of the University of Central Florida, USA, and Dr. Katarzyna Węsierska of the Irena Bajerowa Polish Language Institute presented the Gene J. Brutten Certificates. The Priest Stanislaw Wilczewski Award was also presented, with this year's winner being Dr. Mieczyslaw Chęciek. The presentation was made by Priest Władysław Basista, Rev. Dr. Roman Buchta, and Dr. Katarzyna Sujkowska-Sobisz - president of the Agere Aude Foundation for Knowledge and Social Dialogue.

The second edition of the conference consisted of lectures, workshops, mini-seminars, panel and poster sessions. The event was attended by about 250 people, and among them were world-renowned foreign and Polish experts in the field of speech fluency disorders. Participants represented Belgium, the Czech Republic, Israel, Lebanon, Germany, Slovakia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Project goals

Dissemination of achievements and research results in the field of speech fluency disorders. The issues of the conference touched on extremely up-to-date issues.

Source of funding

Funds from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education designated for science popularization activities.

Application number: 940/P-DUN/2016