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International Logopedic Conference "Speech Fluency Disorders - Theory and Practice. IV Edition" 2020

The project included the organization of a two-day conference, workshops for speech therapists, leaders of the self-help community of people who stutter, as well as a seminar aimed at a wide audience. The organized conference, the topic covered speech fluency disorders, as well as a series of socio-educational events around the conference.During the conference, the topics covered included: the study of attitudes and the implementation of changes in attitudes towards stuttering, the creation,standardization of speech therapy tools for the diagnosis of speech fluency disorders, the study of the phenomenon of school bullying among children who stutter, the development of speech therapy prevention programs in this area, the implementation of the principles of evidence-based practice in speech therapy.

During the two-day event, participants had the opportunity to listen to 8 lectures by international guests, a panel discussion featuring people struggling with stuttering. There were also workshops and mini-seminars organized for passive participants.

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Source of funding: 

Ministry of Science and Higher Education, "Excellent Science program - support for scientific conferences"

Project goal:

The goal of the project is to disseminate the results of scientific research on balbutologopedics, internationalization of Polish speech therapy.

Target audience:

Speech therapists, linguists, scientists, teachers, parents of people with speech disorders, doctors.

Implementation date: 

18-19 september 2020