Conferences and educational events

We organize national and international conferences and educational events (scientific picnics, open space meetings).
Forms of events: stationary, remote, hybrid. We have our own audio-video equipment
for the implementation of hybrid and remote events.

Workshops and counseling

The Agere Aude Foundation experts can prepare and conduct workshops on: activism, team building, interpersonal communication, self-presentation, fundraising, storytelling, podcasting and video production.
Workshop programs are prepared individually.

Video, podcasting and webcasting

The AGERE AUDE Foundation, in cooperation with its partner Foundation for the Development of Education SPATIA, has a wide range of equipment for Internet broadcasting and video productions, podcasts, and a studio of 30 m2.

The Banach Studio It is located in Chorzow and it is from there that we broadcast "stationary" livestreams. The broadcast from the studio can be attended by 4 people, and we are able to connect with other speakers remotely.

The Banach Studio is not only about live broadcasting. Our studio can also be used to create podcasts, voiceover recordings, interviews and other audiovisual materials.


"Wielcy Polacy – nieznani wynalazcy"
(Technical and professional cooperation in the implementation of the project) 

Scientific research

We conduct research on our own and in cooperation with scientists from the University of Silesia.

The primary areas of our research are off and online communication and youth civil society building processes.