Kolorowa grafika składająca się z dwóch elementów. Po lewej widać kolorowy abstrakcyjny plakat. Po lewej stronie jest obrazek przedstawiający kilka beboków przypominających nieco wiedźmy, zaprezentowanych na chmurze. Po prawej prostokąt niebieski z trzema ostrymi nawiasami otwierającymi.

Kindergarten with a legend - a series of activities promoting reading and building communities 2017

From April to November 2017, the Foundation implemented the "Kindergarten with a legend" project to promote reading among children at the earliest stages of their development. Activities included a series of reading and creative workshops, and the finale of the task were exhibitions of legends created by children from kindergartens participating in the project

The main goal of the activity was to promote reading in children at the earliest stages of their development (preschool age 5-6) and to build communities.

Activities through which the goals of the project were achieved: children from 10 kindergartens participated in workshops (reading and art), and under the guidance of specialists (including psychologists or scientific and didactic staff of the University of Silesia) prepared and wrote the legend of their kindergarten. The final mobile exhibition was placed in the common space of the kindergarten accessible to both other kindergarteners and their caregivers. We encourage you to listen and read together

We encourage you to listen to and read together the texts of the legends of each kindergarten!

Kindergarten No. 5 in Chorzów

Kindergarten No. 7 in Ruda Śląska

Kindergarten No. 12 in Chorzów

Kindergarten No. 17 in Chorzów

Kindergarten No. 18 in Chorzów

Kindergarten No. 24 in Ruda Śląska

Kindergarten No. 25 in Ruda Śląska

Kindergarten No. 29 in Chorzów

Kindergarten No. 29 in Chorzów (2)

Kindergarten No. 35 in Ruda Śląska

Kindergarten No. 39 in Ruda Śląska


Source of funding: 

Program Promocja czytelnictwa 2017 dofinansowany z Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

Target audience:

Children aged 5-6 attending kindergartens from the Silesian province - 5 institutions from Ruda Śląska, 5 from Chorzów; the recipients were also parents, caretakers of children and kindergarten teachers.

Application number:


Implementation date:

April to November 2017.

Detailed project description

During the reading classes, the children learned about selected Polish legends, including such titles as: "Lech, Czech and Rus", "The Well of Three Brothers" or "Wars and Sawa". The stories they learned became the starting point for the children to create a plot scheme of their own legend, related to a particular kindergarten. During the following creative workshops, the children together created illustrations to the texts of their legends. Participation in the project stimulated imagination of the youngest children, ensured the consolidation of good reading practices, and strengthened their sense of community and identity. The culmination of the project was a mobile exhibition of the artwork of all the preschoolers, presented in each participating preschool. The establishments received commemorative brochures with legends and children's illustrations, as well as the honorable title of "Kindergarten with a legend."

The series of activities at the kindergarten ends with an exhibition, such a sequence of activities was dictated by the desire to use methods of multilateral learning consisting of:
- Assimilation (given, ready-made material),
- discovery (of new knowledge during problem solving),
- experiencing (diverse content and values),
- action (which involves changing reality and yourself by testing knowledge in practice).